Welcome to the Alpha Alpha Theta Chapter
University of Ha'il, College of Nursing
North Western Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Alpha Alpha Theta Chapter Members

As President of the Chapter, I welcome everyone to The Alpha Alpha Theta Chapter, the local chapter of  Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing,  here at the University of Ha’il - College of Nursing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This website provides members a platform for networking with other members, resource
for  learning  and  research  collaboration, volunteer opportunities and other membership benefits  and  privileges  intended  only  for  Sigma  members.

Together as a chapter, we can do great things. Again, on behalf of the board of directors and officers of Alpha Alpha Theta chapter,  I congratulate you for your  decision to honor your passion by being a member of  Sigma and you  will find that it is a lifelong benefit to belong.

Dr. Mohammed Hamdan Alshammari
Chapter Pr
                        Each & Everyone of Us Can Make a Difference! #STTIKSA

                                       Chapter History

The concept for a Sigma chapter at the University of Ha'il emerged from a conversation with Dr. Mustafa Bodrick when he was visiting the College of Nursing in 2018. Dr. Bodrick presented the Dean, Dr. Farhan Alshammari, with the advantages of Sigma and other related information, persuading him to suggest forming a chapter. Dr. Madigan, Sigma CEO, was one of the speakers at the 1st Saudi Nursing International Conference, spearheaded and hosted by the College of Nursing, the following year, which fueled the drive to start a chapter. She spoke about Sigma, its advantages, a member's eligibility, and other relevant topics during her presentation. Following that, the Dean formed a team of academic staff to explore the possibility of establishing a Sigma chapter. Dr. Mohammed Hamdan Alshammari, the Vice Dean of the College, was then designated to oversee it. Dr. Mohammed was named the chapter's first President, and he and his colleagues started the application process by engaging the Sigma team in Indianapolis. Ms. Jenny Hoffman from Sigma's main headquarters laid out the submission process, all of the steps to be performed, and, most importantly, the timeline for the proposal to be approved during the first meeting.

The University of Ha'il's recently created chapter would have an effect on both its members and the university itself. Being the first chapter in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region bears a great deal of responsibility and distinction. It was developed with the purpose of being utilized by the chapter to carry out all of its planned activities, including stand-alone chapter meetings, activities in partnership with other organizations, and nonmember program benefits. Given the fact that Sigma has been around since 1922, there has never been a chapter in Saudi Arabia or other Gulf countries. Bringing Sigma to this part of the world is a major milestone for the chapter. Saudi Arabia's academic institutions and practice settings are diverse in many ways. The majority of healthcare institutions employ a multicultural and multiracial workforce. Nurses make up the largest group of healthcare professionals in this oil-rich kingdom. As a result, the strength of this chapter is its diversity. The vision of the chapter is to leave a legacy of member satisfaction, which is the true measure of the chapter's value.


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Chapter News

  • Starting and Developing a Systematic Review for Nurses

    Dr. Gian Carlo S. Torres
    Associate Professor, College of Nursing
    University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

    When: September 25 (Saturday), 2021
    8:00pm Manila
    3:00pm Saudi Arabia
    8:00am New York
    1:00pm London
    Registration Start & End for Chapter Members: September 5, 2021 - September 13, 2021

    Registration Start & End for Non-Chapter Members:
    September 14, 2021 - September 20, 2021
  • 2nd Induction Ceremony of Sigma Alpha Alpha Theta Chapter (Closed)

    August 30, 2021 (Monday)

    6:00pm Saudi Arabia
    11:00am New York
    8:00am Los Angeles
    11:00pm Manila

    Guests Speakers:

    Dr. Mustafa Bodrick
    Consultant, Health Academy
    Saudi Commission for Health Specialties

    Dr. Bander Albagawi
    Dean College of Nursing
    University of Ha'il 

  • Congratulations!

  • Nursing Informatics: Communicating Care through Technology (Updated)

    Dr. John Francis Faustorilla
    President, Informatics Nurses Society of the Philippines
    University of the Philippines-Manila

    Date: October 2, 2021
    6:00 AM New York
    6:00 PM Manila
    1:00 PM KSA

    Webinar Registration Link

  • Board of Directors

    Dr. Mohammed Hamdan Alshammari
    Vice President: Dr. Rizal Angelo Grande
    Secretary: Dr. Larry Terence Cornejo
    Treasurer: Mr. Ahmad Saad Altheban
    Counselor: Dr. Nojoud Abdullah Daaya Alreshidi

Chapter Events

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International Events